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Anyone seeking their independent license within a specific discipline, such as counseling, must receive Clinical Supervision. Each state has its respective regulations, which outline the hours required and identify who is able to provide the supervision, which generally include that the person must have their independent license in the same or a similar discipline. During this process, the person who has their associate license will meet with the Clinical Supervisor on a regular basis. 

This supervision relationship is unique, as it is more of a professional relationship than a managerial one. Professional development and consultation are primary components.

Additional elements include to:

  • Promote ongoing skill development and competency of Supervisee.

  • Teach and model appropriate interventions and/or directives.

  • Provide feedback on theoretical conceptualization skills

  • Fulfill supervision requirements (for respective state)

  • Monitor and ensure the welfare of clients seen by Supervisee.

  •  Monitor Supervisee’s adherence to relevant laws in order to ensure ethical guidelines and professional standards (e.g. ACA code of ethics)

  • And more!​


We offer Clinical Supervision in the State of Arizona.  Kelli Center is an active, unrestricted Licensed Professional Counselor in Arizona.  She is also listed on the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners Supervisor Registry as an approved Clinical Supervisor.

Please visit the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners for discipline details
Or contact us with additional questions. 

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