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We specialize in professional counseling, life skill coaching, workshops and curriculum consultation. Areas of service include: depression, anxiety, grief and loss, anger, trauma, self esteem, marital and relationship conflict, spirituality, problem solving, identifying your purpose and identity, goal setting, organization communication, burnout prevention and more.
We also provide Christian Counseling. 


We offer virtual counseling services through a HIPAA compliant network called, Wecounsel. This is a service that is covered by insurance and allow you to receive seamless services no matter where you or I am! There is no software to download. This can be done from your web browser and even from your phone. Contact me for more details!

(Virtual Counseling may also be known as Distance Counseling or Telehealth by your Insurance Company). 




Individual counseling involves meeting with a licensed professional counselor on a one on one basis. The process utilizes talk therapy to explore thoughts, feelings, beliefs and past experiences that may hinder the client from achieving wholeness. ​​



Couples counseling involves a married or partnered relationship. The pair engages in the counseling process to improve their relationship by recognizing and resolving conflict and barriers to effective communication.



Family counseling includes the identified client and family members as active participants in the counseling process. This mode of counseling is best suited when the family desires to address issues affecting the family unit. Family counseling may also be a good fit when an individual’s needs are impacted by familial interaction to include but not limited to behavior modification, communication and conflict resolution. 


What’s right for you?

Both counseling and life skill coaching are among the services provided. Determining which service is best for you is largely based upon your needs. Below you will find some information to help explain the difference in modalities. However, it is important to know that the process of moving from counseling to life coaching may be fluid, just as life is fluid and ever changing. Goal setting at the initial appointment and throughout your relationship with Centered Living Counseling & Coaching Services, LLC will help to clarify the approach best suited for you. 


  • Can be short or long term 

  • Addresses issues impairing daily functioning

  • Helps clients get unstuck and move forward in life

  • Examines past, root causes

  • Seeks solutions to emotional concerns 

  • Action and process oriented

  • Can include individual, couples and/or families

  • Requires a Master’s Degree

  • Reports to a licensing board, has a Code of Ethics 

Life Coaching

  • Tends to be short term

  • Requires self motivation

  • Ideal for those who have a sense of direction (know specific changes they want to make)

  • Help in the development and execution of specific goals

  • Action oriented 

  • Clients work on an individual basis

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