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meet kelli

Counselor, Consultant, Itinerant Speaker. 

Merging Mental Health & Faith.

I am the owner of Centered Living Counseling & Coaching services. We provide virtual and in-person counseling services to individuals, couples and families. We also provided Christian Counseling, training and consulting services for churches and organizations, as well as itinerant speaking engagements. Our aim is to further the conversation between Mental Health and Faith, normalizing Mental Health as a health issue within the faith community and abroad. 


We credit you with getting our family moving in the right direction - talking to each other, listening to each other and returning back to God.  I really can't thank you enough. 



What We Do


We specialize in professional counseling, life skill coaching, workshops and curriculum consultation. Areas of service include: depression, anxiety, grief and loss, anger, trauma, self esteem, marital and relationship conflict, spirituality, problem solving, identifying your purpose and identity, goal setting, organization communication, burnout prevention and more.

Clinical Supervision

Anyone seeking their independent license within a specific discipline, such as counseling, must receive Clinical Supervision. Each state has its respective regulations, which outline the hours required and identify who is able to provide the supervision, which generally include that the person must have their independent license in the same or a similar discipline. 

Churches & Orgs

CLCCS exist to assist individuals, couples and families in their journey towards mental, emotional and spiritual wholeness.
We are here to help you better serve and equip your members.  We do so by bringing the professional services to you. Counseling can help to increase mental and emotional stability, while decreasing interpersonal conflict, thus allowing your...

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Phone Number: 800-204-4195    /     Email:  

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